Facial Abuse Katie Fallon Video

Katie Fallon showed up to our shoot 5 hours late. That makes Jimmy angry. I don't like the idea of whores thinking their time is more valuable than mine or that of my crew. Because of that, I made sure her visit here was miserable. It didn't hurt that her life is fucked up due to an Uncle being a little too "hands on" with her when she was younger. That probably kick started her descent into being a piece of non-motivated shit. According to Bootleg, her throat was incredibly tight. He crammed his big cock all the down though. Her belly barf was spurting out in chunks all over her face. She was absolutely humiliated. I did a little dance in my head seeing that. Fuck, I hate her! Next, Bootleg just shoved his cock in her tight pussy bare back and pumped and pumped and pumped. We asked her what position her Uncle fucked her in and then we mimicked, hoping to bring back those memories. This girl is trash and was treated as such. A lesson was learned today... don't be fucking late when working with Jimmy.

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